This is the picture that you see with your own eyes, for example, wedding photo booths nyc, regardless of whether your eyesight is good or with certain defects. The fact is that everyone has their own natural image, because the final standard does not exist. Moreover, our eyes, like our brain, have the ability to adapt: ​​to lighting, to tones, to size – we see better in the dark, and if you go outside, your eyes get used to it for a while, losing the ability to distinguish colors and lights more accurately ( the same and vice versa); when looking into the distance, targets begin to look sharper, and when looking at uniform colors (for example, green), the eye begins to notice tonal differences between them. Unfortunately, neither a film nor a digital camera has such characteristics, and if the eye, relatively speaking, sees the sky and the earth separately in a landscape frame, and this frame is dynamic (“video”), the camera captures everything in one exposure – as a rule, underexposing the ground and overexposing the sky, since the sky is still lighter, and there is always only one exposure pair. This is why vertical panoramas and HDR are perceived by many as closer to what our eyes see.

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