Halsman is considered the founder of surrealism in photography, which was largely facilitated by his acquaintance and friendship with Salvador Dali. In addition, Halsman is one of the most famous portrait painters, his photographs were published in Vogue, Mg and Voila magazines, and Marc Chagall, Jean Giraudoux and Le Corbusier were noted among the models.

In 1945, Halsman became the first president of the American Society of Magazine Photographers, including being a staff photographer for Life magazine. Thanks to this, he was able to shoot famous portraits of Einstein, Brigitte Bardot, Matisse, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Churchill and Jack Kennedy.

However, one of his most famous projects was a joint collection with Salvador Dali called Dali’s Mustache. This is a collection of surreal photographs that use various techniques and techniques that still impress photographers today.

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