Like a true postmodernist, Sherman builds his work by deftly juggling existing cultural codes and And although the images seem familiar, often their primary sources remain a mystery to the viewer. And sometimes they don’t exist at all.

The artist creates either parodies of the works of great masters, or portrays the heroines of films, or appears as characters in glossy filming and TV shows. We seem to have seen all this already, but remembering where and when is hardly possible. This awkward and whimsical déjà vu effect gives Sherman’s work a special magic.

“My work is always ambiguous, it is open to a variety of interpretations,” Sherman emphasizes. This idea is clearly illustrated by the names of the paintings – or rather their absence. The artist’s typical Untitled (“Untitled”) accompanies a laconic serial number. At first, she used the letters of the Latin alphabet, which quickly ended, subsequently giving way to numbers.

“What tricks do not people use in order to look beautiful. I try to create a parody of fashion,” the artist once said. And as proof of this, she presented in 1975 a series of works Cover Girl (“Cover Girl”), where she tries herself as a model for fictional Vogue covers.

Nearly twenty years later, the artist will do it again, this time for a real shoot at Harper’s Bazaar. And the result of the next collaboration in 2016 will be a series of shots where Sherman depicts street style stars. The irony is that the shots seem to have been taken by chance, but their production style is beyond doubt.

For all her sarcasm, Sherman has always been close to the fashion world: she created advertising campaigns for Comme Des Garсons, Balenciaga and the cosmetic giant M.A.C., appeared on Marc Jacobs T-shirts, twice became the heroine of the Undercover collections and even came up with a dressing room suitcase for Louis Vuitton. Supreme did not stand aside, decorating skateboards with the artist’s works depicting mold, vomit and fragments of human bodies. Perhaps this is the case when it is already so bad that it is even good.

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