Often, PROPOSAL PHOTOGRAPHY IN NEW YORK editing is considered to be a radical change to the original photos using powerful filters and effects. This misunderstanding has led some photographers to abandon retouching, limiting themselves to “natural” shots. Their good intentions are commendable, but they just don’t understand how cameras work.

Like it or not, all cameras do post-processing. The actual data from the sensor is collected in a RAW file, but what we see on the screen of a camera or smartphone is the interpretation of the RAW data by the device itself. At the same time, the camera does not have the slightest idea about your vision of a particular frame. So why not fix it?

Not all post-processing is tasteless photoshopped images. It is more correct to consider retouching as applying makeup. Some go overboard with blush and lipstick, others use cosmetics as a way of expressing themselves, and only a few emphasize their best features.

Likewise, post-processing can be over-the-top, deliberately stylized or subtle, emphasizing only what is already in the frame. Use retouch! If you underestimate it, you will run into a situation where all your shots will be missing something.


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